Investment Principles

“To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require stratospheric IQ, unusual business insight, or inside information. What is needed is a sound intellectual framework for decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework”
Warren Buffet
  • Investors who have a financial plan are more likely to stick with an investment strategy.
  • Investing success is determined as much by investor behavior as the selection of investment products. Panic caused by fear and greed will undermine the performance of the best-designed portfolios.
  • Investment performance is determined by the amount of money invested, the length of time the money is invested and the rate of return earned by the investment. The more you have of money or time, the less you need of the other. The potential rate of return is directly related to the level of risk or volatility of the investment. The range of investment returns reduces with time.
  • We recommend that our clients invest in a core, diversified, portfolio with the following features:
- Automatic rebalancing
- Objective selection of investment specialist
- Objective monitoring of investment specialist
- Tactical or strategic portfolio solutions