Frequently Asked Questions


How are you compensated?

Our fee structure will vary depending on the type of work we do for our clients. We offer both fee & commission based planning. Your advisor will go over his/her compensation in detail when determining your objectives. It is important to us that our clients know and understand how we get paid.

Is there a fee for the first consultation?

No, the cost of the first meeting is absorbed by our office. We would like to encourage you to contact us for an initial "discovery" meeting to determine if there is a fit with your needs and the scope of our services. As well at this point we gather important information from you pertaining to your current situation.

What does "independent financial advice" mean?

Our company is an independent financial firm and we have no obligation to recommend any product. We feel that this enables our advisors to seek out tailored solutions for each clients as they have access to the entire marketplace of products and services offered through banks, insurance, investment and trust companies that operate in Canada.

What is a fiduciary?

Fiduciary defines a relationship where there is a high level of confidence and trust regarding the management of (in our case) money and other personal affairs. Our advisors have a fiduciary responsibility for the highest duty of care and professionalism towards our clients.

What type of client's do you work with?

Our advisors work with a variety of clients from individuals, families and business owners in all stages of life. 
What we all look for are people who want to take responsibility for their financial future and see the value in professional financial advice to support them in this goal.


Why are Financial Advisors important?

By choosing the right financial advisor; you are seeking the advice of a qualified and experienced professional in the area of financial planning and management. Professional financial advisors can be vital to the success of your goals and objectives as they assist and coach you and your family along the way.
Below is a link to the Canadian Financial Planning Standards Council's website for a list of important questions that every planner or advisor should be able answer.