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Gifts For Grandchildren

By Grant Karst, CFP, CLU, CHFC

Someone once said, “If I had known how much fun grandchildren are, I would have had them first!”

Grandchildren truly are special and grandparents love to shower them with attention and gifts. Here are a few ideas for gifts that won’t end up in the toy pile and will provide a lifetime of benefits.

Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

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Will You Bogey Your Retirement-Regina financial company

Will You Bogey Your Retirement?

Image credits: Sun Life Financial

The golf season has finally arrived – a little late, a little wet – but golfers are hitting the links with vigour. It is a relatively short golf season is Saskatchewan so we learn to play in all kinds of conditions; wind, rain, mosquitoes, and more wind! It is much like life where we control some parts of our environment and learn to deal with the rest. Read more

“Retirement Planning with Yogi” By: Grant Karst

The Baby Boomers have arrived at the retirement stage and like every stage of life they have gone through, it is going to be different for them. In fact, one financial institution has already given them a new name, “Generation I” with the “I” standing for “income.” As the Boomers approach retirement they are confronted by many circumstances different from their parents’ generation:

  • They have spent more and saved less


  • They want to retire earlier and expect to live longer

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